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DJCR - Dewberry Jam Community Radio
AM1670 is On The Air

Important Information For Our Artists Receiving Airplay On AM1670:

Indie and MySpace artists currently getting airplay and who are on option tagalog our playlist, or who have submitted material to us in the past or for the future for airplay; please download and electronically sign the waiver and email it back to this station to  am1670@texas.net as soon as possible.  Please include the word Waiver and the name of the band in the subject line of the email.  This waiver does not affect any BMI royalties that may be due to you.  We are licensed by Broadcast Music Incorporated.

The download is located
We are working toward acquiring a Low Power FM FCC Radio License and awaiting the next FCC filing Window.  In the meantime, we have installed a Part 15, FCC Certified, Low Power AM transmitter (LPAM).  Our micro station broadcasts on 1670 kHz AM and coverage is approximately one-two miles from the transmitter site depending on the terrain and atmospheric conditions.

Multiple transmitter (clustering) are in the foreseeable future to extend our coverage area.  We wish what is binary option trade to include the Nacogdoches Road business district and other areas in the immediate vicinity, as well as overcome the static and interference presented by electrical noise in the business district.

Plans are to simulcast on LPAM/ LPFM and the Internet upon completion of the project.  Special guests from the neighborhoods and surrounding areas are welcome to participate in local broadcasts.  Our mission is to service our neighborhood associations whenever possible. 

The overarching mission of this station is to provide emergency broadcast relief for the areas within our coverage area in the event of bad weather, disaster or other Acts Of God.
.  Thank you.

Access our station playlist  here (pdf),   |   Please visit our content providers here.


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